Sunday, January 6, 2008

Thing #6

The thing I could see myself using is Mappr. It would be neat to incorporate Mappr with a book. For example, my class read Punk Farm on Tour, and it would be cool to scan the pages of the book and place them on the map. The pages will be on the map for the current city of the tour, and the students could see the distances and places treveled.

Thing #5

I had no problem uploading pictures and including captions. I already have a myspace page, so uploading photos, adding captions, and organizing photos into albums are not new to me. The use of tags is something that was new for me to learn, though. I really think it is interesting that in Flickr you can explore photos by place, and what I like the best is that people can leave messages seen by mouseover on certain parts of the photos.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Thing #3

The process of setting up a blog was not hard for me. However, choosing the title and signature name took some thought. I enjoyed creating an avatar. I have done this before on a website, but I only did the face. This was better because I could choose the details such as hairstyle, clothes, and background.

Thing #2

The lifelong learning habit that is the hardest for me is to view problems as challenges. Most of the time when a problem arises, I find myself "stuck." I don't know what to do and feel overwhelmed, so usually I do nothing at all. I have recently tried to work on this. I have a few friends I have grown close to and trust, and I am able to voice my concerns and come to some kind of solution with their help. I hope that I continue to improve in this area in the future.

Thing #2

The lifelong learning habit that is easiest for me is to play. I love playing around, and I even refer to myself as a "big kid" quite often. I love playing all kinds of things whether it is a board game, a computer game, a video game, bowling, sports, or even just running around. I hope that this is something that will continue to be easy for me in the future.